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If you are seeking DDOS Hosting or Protection for your server, please go here.

It is with the highest caution that you are to seek out and execute a DDOS or Distrubuted Denial Of Service Attack using any type of DDOS Program.  Implications of this can be found here.  Alternatively, here is a list of Laws that apply to these attacks.

This site will contain highly useful information to educate you about DDOS Attacks, DDOS Programs and the cautions you should be aware of if you intend to attempt an attack of service.

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Scheduled OpUSA DDOS Attack: More bark than bite?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is warning that a group of mostly Middle East- and North Africa-based criminal hackers are preparing to launch a cyber attack campaign next week known as “OpUSA” against websites of high-profile US government agencies, financial institutions, and commercial entities. But security experts remain undecided on whether this latest round of promised attacks will amount to anything more than a public nuisance.

A confidential alert, produced by DHS on May 1 and obtained by KrebsOnSecurity, predicts that the attacks “likely will result in limited disruptions and mostly consist of nuisance-level attacks against publicly accessible webpages and possibly data exploitation. Independent of the success of the attacks, the criminal hackers likely will leverage press coverage and social media to propagate an anti-US message.”

The DHS alert is in response to chest-thumping declarations from anonymous hackers who have promised to team up and launch a volley of online attacks against a range of U.S. targets beginning May 7. “Anonymous will make sure that’s this May 7th will be a day to remember,” reads a rambling, profane manifesto posted Apr. 21 to Pastebin by a group calling itself N4M3LE55 CR3W.

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DDOS Protection & DDOS Hosting

DDOS ProtectionDDOS Protection

It’s nearly impossible to protect yourself against a DDOS Attack and actually stopping one is 99.9% impossible for a serious attack.  So best thing to do is be prepared and if you are serious about protecting your website, business or brand, you really do have to consider DDOS Hosting your site with the appropriate DDOS Protection in place.

Unfortunately this type of hosting can be slightly expensive, but you have to consider what’s more costly; the protection of your website, or a day or two of downtime due to a large attack.

Protecting yourself however doesn’t have to be as complicated as some of the Google search results will have you believe.  Take Incapsula for instance.  As one of the web’s leading providers of DDOS protected hosting, they have have your entire website protected in less than 5 minutes.  They also have a 14 day free trial to get you started quickly.

Here is a Quck Sheet that will give you a general overview of Incapsula’s service.

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