The Best DDOS Protection Methods

How can one Protect or Prevent Against a DDoS Attack?

There exists no foolproof or effective ways of preventing a computer system from falling into the trap of a DoS or DDoS attack, unfortunately.

There are only steps that you can take to greatly lower the likelihood of an attacker choosing your computer to attack others. They include:

  • installing and maintaining an antivirus software
  • installing a firewall and configuring it to restrict and control the traffic allowed into or out of your computer system or network
  • following recommended good security practices when distributing your email address to reduce the advent of spoof and spam messages. For instance, applying email filters helps you to easily manage any unwanted traffic.

Other technical ways of dealing with a DDoS attack include

  • Switch and Router Settings: here, simple rules to allow or deny protocols, ports and/or IP addresses through switches and routers are set in a firewall.
  • Application Front-End Hardware: this is intelligent hardware that is placed`on the`network just before traffic`reaches the`servers. It analyzes`data packets`as they`enter the`computer system, identifying`them as`priority, regular`or dangerous.
  • IPS-based Prevention: intrusion-prevention systems can only be effective if an attack has a signature associated with it.
  • DDS-based Defense: this blocks`connection-based DoS`attacks and`those attacks which dupe a system by having legitimate content but a bad intent. This also addresses both protocol attacks like Teardrop and Ping-of-death, and rate-based attacks like ICMP and SYN floods.
  • Blackholing and Sinkholing: blackholing sends all traffic targeted at an`attacked DNS`or IP`address to a black hole, i.e. a non-existent server or a null interface while sinkholing routes the traffic`to a`valid IP`address that analyzes it and rejects any bad packets.
  • Clean Pipes: all traffic passes through a cleaning center through various methods like proxies, tunnels and direct circuits that which separate bad traffic (like DDoS) from the good traffic that is allowed to pass through to the server.


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