Top DDOS Programs To Perform Attacks

There are many free tools and programs available to overload a server or website with traffic and initiate an attack. Some of these programs also support zombie networks to do a DDoS attack. You can use the following programs or search for other available programs from several sites.


Low Orbit Ion Canon is a popular DDoS program of attack. These tools have been used on several occasions to attack big companies by the group of hackers commonly known as Anonymous. Not only has this group used DDoS tools to attack but have also asked users of internet to join them through IRC. An attack can be done by a lone attacker by sending HTTP, UDP or TCP requests to the victim. The attacker only needs to know the IP address or the URL of the victim’s website – the program will do the rest of the attacking.This program has HIVEMIND mode which allows the attacker to control the entire process using a LOIC remote control system. The only problem with this program is that it does not hide the attacker’s IP address and if you use a proxy to attack, the program can hit the proxy’s server rather than the targeted server.


This is a much better program than LOIC because it attacks a server using different attack angles like the IP address, user selected protocols and ports. The inbuilt GUI makes it easy for the program to be used by a beginner to attack. Generally, there are 3 attacking modes – test mode, normal DDoS and a mode that can send UDP/ICMP/HTTP/TCP messages. This is a powerful program that can be applied to attack small websites.

HULK Program

HULK stands for HTTP Unbearable Load King. This is yet another great program which produces special and different requests for each message sent to the targeted server. The program also applies many other ways to evade being detected by using known patterns to the target server. It uses known users to send random requests and can avoid caching engines. It actually hits the resource pool of the targeted server. During its trial period, the program was tested on IIS 7 server that had 4GB RAM and it crashed it in less than a minute.


This popular program is referred to as the Layer 7 DDOS Simulator. Just like the name suggests, it’s used to attack servers by simulating different zombie computers. All the zombie devices create complete TCP networks around the targeted web server. This program uses C++ language and operates on Linux operating systems. Common features of the Layer 7 DDoS Simulator include:

1. Random IP addresses

2. TCP connection attacks and random port flooding

3. HTTP DDoS valid requests

4. HTTP DDoS invalid requests that resemble the DC++ attacks

5. Simulates various zombies during an attack

6. Layer application DDoS attacks


RUDY is a DDOS program which attacks using HTTP POST. It attacks using a long form submission through the POST method. It comes with inbuilt console menu that is very interactive. This program searches for forms on URLs and detects which fields and forms to apply when doing a POST method of DDoS attack.

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